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Posted by on Nov 15, 2017 in Classic Marketing, Cowboy Upmarketing | 0 comments

What Are The Best Times To Market Your Home?

What Are The Best Times To Market Your Home?

If you’ve decided to put your home on the market, it can be a lengthy and confusing time for you and everyone involved. By finding the ideal time to begin the process and start marketing, to knowing the procedure that follows once you accept a deal, there are a whole lot of variables you want to understand and take into consideration. Ease of sell comes to mind, for instance, if you live in a housing development you are more likely to sell. With that being said, there are advantages to to putting up your house at certain seasons.  Cowboy Upmarketing have investigated the normal peaks on the current market and the benefits of placing your home on the market through the various seasons.



Spring is frequently regarded as the ideal time to move home, since there are traditionally more buyers at this time of year. This is normally the busiest period when it comes to new properties coming on the marketplace.


We then understand most the new instructions finishing in May, June & July and until the kids split up to the 6 weeks holidays in the summer months. Generally, we find that the 6 week summer vacations is a marginally quieter period concerning valuations and completions. While some vendors/buyers do attempt to finish within this period particularly if they’re teachers.


Again, we have a tendency to find a spike in September and October. That is because there’s generally a surge in sellers and buyers that are very focused on transferring house before Christmas.

Winter is often a stage of manifestation by which homeowners ask themselves if they need to proceed or enhance. With that being said, you will find advantages to promoting over the Christmas period, as the buyers searching for land at this stage are frequently quite serious about purchasing.


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