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Posted by on Nov 4, 2020 in Internet Marketing, Marketing | 0 comments

Using The Internet To Further Your Planters Business

There are lots of different ways to further your business when it comes to the internet, but does this apply to a business in the world of planters? How different is a business that deals with plants, plant displays and planters over a standard business? The answer is not very, there are tricks and trades that work well in all industries but at the end of the day, it is all about getting your brand out there.

If you are looking to get your brand name out there, then you might be interested in looking at some of the social aspects of marketing. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are the top 3 when it comes to brand recognition. If you have some amazing and professional pictures, Pinterest is a great option, it links users directly to your site through images, so if you have images that are of interest you will be getting users onto your website. The images obviously have to be some of the best you have to really draw attention to the account, the more classy images you have the more exposure you will also have when it comes to viewers and ultimately you will have more user interaction.


download                               instagram


It doesn’t end with Pinterest though, businesses are also starting to use Instagram and snatchat to promote their business. Getting a following through multiple social channels can be of huge benefit and increase brand awareness and hopefully follow through to your website. Depending on the products you sell and whether you have an online you may even see and increase in products purchased.


download                       facebook


The more standard channels can also help, having a video go viral on youtube or facebook can have incredible results, although there has been a bit of uncertainty on facebook at the moment with the Cambridge analytica news and privacy issues. But facebook is still a widely used platform even though people and companies are pulling out at the moment i’m sure it will bounce back to what it once was.



If you are planning on using these social channels, Twitter is another good one to increase your brand awareness. You must also be aware yourself that managing social media is extremely time-consuming and staying relevant is something that each company has to do. You cannot just schedule some pre-organised tweets or posts as they won’t be as effective as personalising to the present time and news. There are many bandwagons to jump on to increase your popularity, read the news and jump in!

I think it’s best to start with the image based websites first and expand from there. Create some great blog material with custom planters with great photos and watch as people share your content!

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