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Tips For Selling Your Products

Good salesmen usually have a few traits in common as far as their personality is concerned. In general, salesmen can talk easily to total strangers without feeling stressed or being annoying. They also are often very enthusiastic people, with a bright outlook on life. Now, you don’t have to have these personality traits, but it helps. It means that you’re not only at ease around people, but you don’t get as stressed out by the needs of your clients. Selling artificial plants and indoor landscaping is one of the most rewarding of sales jobs, because the customers benefit immediately from the change in their work environment.

Push Quality


Make sure that your customers understand the quality of the plants they are about to order. Although they are artificial plants, they still provide an important service to the workplace. As they are made of man-made products, they will be very durable and unlikely to fade. This means their colors will remain vibrant throughout their service life. They also will withstand cleaning without getting ragged edges.

Quality artificial greenery and flowers look real, even upon close inspection. In fact, many of them feel real when the client touches them. This imitation of life is very useful in the workplace because it represents the natural world in a low-maintenance vessel. By pushing the quality of your product, you will make more sales.

Push Convenience

One of the problems with real plants in the workplace is the mess. Many clients will state that they don’t have plants in their office because overflow water will damage floor covering, leaving stains on carpet and wood floors. They also don’t want the dirt that often washes out of the pot each time the plants are watered. Watering is another problem, because someone has to supervise the watering and fertilizing schedule.

In contrast, artificial plants only need to be dusted occasionally. In some cases, a contract can be achieved with the office cleaning staff to dust the plants. In other cases, your company may have contacts with maintenance companies who will come in periodically and clean and rearrange the plants for a fresh look. By stressing the inconvenience of real plants you can have greater bargaining power for your artificial plants.

Emphasize the Benefits


Explain to your customers about the many physical benefits of artificial plants in the workplace environment. Employers work with interior designers and lighting technicians to create work environments that encourage and enable effective work practices from the employees. Plants serve important functions, too, in this scenario.

The hard surfaces and straight lines of most workplaces create eye strain to the human eye. By adding artificial greenery and other plants to the area, you break up those industrial lines with spots of natural grace and curves. This reduces eye strain and increases productivity.

Artificial plants also reduce the possibility of allergies on the part of your workers. They filter light, provide sound muting, and add color and a sense of the natural world, all without making anyone sneeze.

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