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Posted by on Aug 19, 2015 in Classic Marketing, Cowboy Upmarketing, Internet Marketing | 0 comments

The Best Places To Market Your Lawn Treatment Service

Where should you market your lawn treatment service? Methods vary from the traditional door-knocking done by neighborhood children to national marketing from franchise lawn treatment services. With the addition of the internet to our daily lives, marketing any business has grown more effective and less expensive. If you own a lawn treatment company, here are some ways to market your business and build your clientele. However, be careful. If you do all of these, you may end up with more business than you can handle.

Local Marketing

Found the old radio at Mom's house- this went to the beach in Ocean City in the 1970s. My folks were believes in hanging on to stuff that still works.

Although much of the shopping people do is online these days, there are still many local print opportunities to market your business. There is, of course, TV and radio advertising. Target stations that might be popular with demographics that are more likely to have a lawn to maintain. For example, if the majority of university students in your area listen to X radio station, there is not much reason to buy radio spots on that station, because university students don’t have lawns.

Print marketing is also still viable. Local newspapers and event pages are a great place to place ads and press releases. All you have to do is present a little bit of “news” and you can get an interview that mentions you in print. This builds up name recognition and makes it more likely that you will get the call for service.

Check with local garden clubs, too. If you put together a presentation of the best kind of grass for your region, or how to reduce the problems with black spot on roses, you build your brand name. You also build your reputation as a knowledgeable person, and make personal connections that will reward you with more business.

Internet Marketing


The use of internet for marketing your business is highly recommended. About 60% of all cell phone owners use iPhones or androids. The vast majority of these people do most of their shopping on their hand held devices. This means that, if you have a website and placement of ads that convert to mobile devices, you stand a better chance of beating out the competition for new customers.

Adwords are a popular way to market your business, and don’t usually cost a lot of money. Usually, you’ll only pay for each person who actually sees the ad, rather than paying for blanket advertising. With adwords and various social media sites, you can get recommendations for demographics that will probably respond well to your advertisements.

You can also build name recognition by participating on the internet. Forums, YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, and other social media sites boost your rankings with search engines, when you regularly post and respond. This makes it much easier to move your business to the first page of browsers, where you will be more likely to get the new customers.

With a mixture of modern and traditional measures, you can have great success in marketing your lawn treatment service.

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