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Posted by on Dec 15, 2015 in Internet Marketing | 0 comments

Marketing Your Planters Website

Marketing your planters website has never been easier than in today’s world of cyber space. You can take pictures, crop them, and send them to thousands of people in less than 5 minutes, and do it basically for free. Any website can benefit from the use of social media. But don’t forget business cards and other print media. These marketing tips can monetize your site quickly, and rotate your inventory in a flash.


Print Media

Most businesses have abandoned print media, for the most part. But, in promoting your business, there are still areas you can mine to find great exposure in print.

First of all, check with local and area newsletters and tabloids. Your business and the services you provide may be just the right solution for the target demographics of those tabloids. For example, there is probably a publication for senior citizens in your area. You will also find them for various ethnic groups. Check with hobby stores, as well. Many hobby stores will have quarterly publications with advertisements and tips for the DIYer.

These tabloids and newsletters often accept sponsorship, giving you a great advertisement placement for a bargain price. In these cases, you can customize your ads to fit that particular demographic. For example, if you own a planters business, you can show a large planter full of ice and cold beer for the footballer crowd. Add a clever line about planting the loosing goalie, or gifting the wife with a lovely rose bush after the ball game, and you have a great advertisement.

By looking at small, local, and limited publications, you can actually get more exposure than you might in large newspapers. Large papers may bury your ad, or charge you a huge amount for worthy placement. The smaller ones will have more to offer. In every single one of these ads, make sure your website is clearly displayed. A well-placed website address, and one that is easily remembered, will bring more views to your website and boost your rankings, too.

Social Media

Don’t underestimate the value of posting your website link on social media sites. It should be present on your company’s Facebook page, on Twitter accounts, LinkedIn, YouTube, and any other social media site in which you participate. Some media outlets allow you to put the link right in your signature line. Every time you do this, you gain exposure for your website, and it doesn’t cost you a dime.


You can also comment on other people’s social media statuses, and forward or share them. By doing this, you generate internet activity attached to your website address, all of which gains you status with the search engines.

Pay Per Click

If you don’t want to invest a lot of money up front on an ad campaign, consider Pay-Per-Click advertising. In these situations, the provider will place your ad in various demographics. You will get what they call “impressions” which are the number of people who actually see your ad. If they click through to your website, you pay just a few cents.

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