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Posted by on Nov 16, 2015 in Classic Marketing, Internet Marketing | 0 comments

Marketing Your Lawn Treatment Company

Marketing a business has never been easier than today, with the internet. Even a decade ago, if you wanted to market your lawn treatment company or any other business your choices were limited to print materials, television, and radio. Today, though, you can use the internet to target specific audiences and create excitement about your business in unexpected ways.

Social Media


Many people are reluctant to try social media as a way to promote their business. However, this is perhaps the least expensive and most effective way to reach your target audience.

Through social media you can reach customers through “word of mouth” like never before. Lawn treatment companies often start out small, as neighborhood, weekend jobs, and grow with enterprise and hard work. Friends who like the job you do recommend you to friends of theirs whom you have never met, widening your circle of clients.

It is this way with social media, except in almost exponential numbers. Through Facebook, Twitter, and other sites, referrals travel at high velocity, and can bring in more work than you can handle.

This is why you should, first of all, establish a Facebook page for your business. It will give potential customers a chance to see your business in a familiar light, with pictures and information. You can post specials, advice, and otherwise update your status. Every time you do this, you gain more credibility with search engines, moving your business up in rankings with browsers.

Other social sites are the same. You can boost your presence on the internet in many ways, but with social media you make great headway by:

  • Posting updates statuses on a regular basis
  • Replying to comments made on your status
  • Making comments on other people’s status
  • Participating in forums

By having an active social media life, you keep traffic going back and forth in the name of your company, and create an internet presence that commands notice from the search engines.

There are many other ways to promote your business on the internet, through adwords, pay per click and pay per view advertising, and others. Each of the social media sites will have ways of tracking “hits” and collecting data that can provide you with invaluable data on various demographics that may be interested in your services.7460436094_808913575a_o


Make sure, when marketing your lawn treatment company, that you have a website that will download quickly to hand held mobile devices. iPhones and androids are the number one way for people to shop for goods and services these days, and if your website does not download within 3 seconds, 80% of shoppers will move on to your competitors.

Your web designer should be able to structure your website so that it downloads quickly, with easily readable text and clear pictures. By providing customers with a website that displays pictures of work you have done, especially before and after shots, you can build their trust. They will be more likely to engage your services.

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