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Posted by on Oct 28, 2015 in Classic Marketing | 0 comments

Marketing Your Clothing Company

In preparing to market your clothing company, you will be faced with the need for brand recognition Building your own brand can be time consuming and expensive, and if your business does not already have a niche in the market, it can be frustrating. There are, however, a combination of tactics you can use to get the word out about your clothing company, and start the profits rolling in.

Social Media


Companies like NYDJ Clothing have the right idea when it comes to using social media for marketing. You will find NYDJ all over the internet. They pay celebrities and pseudo-celebrities to wear their clothing and Tweet about it. This is a powerful marketing tool – people love to get “personal” tweets from celebrities. It makes them feel special, and they will be likely to start shopping for a particular item that a celebrity has advocated.

Participation in forums is another good way to use social media to market your clothing company. By posting in forums, making comments on other people’s statuses and posts, and responding when someone comments on your statuses, you build recognition with the search engines used by browsers. This gives your website more credibility with browsers, and you’ll start to move up in rankings. This is one of the ways to get on the first page of browsers, which brings in more business.

YouTube is another tool of social media that is helpful for building your brand. By posting a video regularly, you gain even ore legitimacy with the browsers. Be sure to respond when someone comments on your video, and include a link to your video channel in all emails and correspondence.


In general, it’s a good idea to have the bulk of your merchandise priced to meet the expectations of your target demographic. You can always add some items that are less expensive, or some that go over the average price, but your target customers need to find items they want when they shop your store. Don’t think that you will somehow catch the eye of customers who expect to spend more, simply by under-pricing the products. These customers won’t want to risk your products being sub-par or “knockoffs” and will shop elsewhere.

It is best to price honestly, keeping in mind that clothing does have a tremendous markup. Research the brands you plan to offer, and the basic price ranges, before you set your rates. This will help to insure that you are competitive while still making a profit.



Make sure your clothing store advertises the name brands you carry. The majority of people will not recognize your name, or the name of your business, but they will recognize names like Nike, Coca-Cola, or Hewlett Packard, because they already have brand recognition. Use the clothing lines you carry to boldly display products available in your store. These brands should be prominently displayed on your website, Facebook profile, and other profiles for social media. While customers may not recognize your name, they will recognize the brands you post.

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