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Marketing Your Bed And Breakfast

Marketing your bed and breakfast has gotten easier than ever because of the internet. With social media marketing, comprehensive web designs, and traditional marketing, you can get far more exposure in less time. While it is tempting to use the internet solely for building your brand, it’s a good idea to maintain traditional advertisement, too. If you have a bed and breakfast Somerset, word of mouth can draw in many customers, just as social media posts do.


Word Of Mouth

These days, it is easy to overlook word of mouth advertising. We think we need to have a global reach for our business. This is true, if we can handle the traffic, but we also need to remember to get the word out in our specific areas. Word of mouth advertising is free, and brings in a lot of traffic because so many people these days want to support their local businesses.

When people hear friends, coworkers, and neighbors talk about your Somerset B&B, it automatically gains importance in their eyes. They trust someone who has either stayed in your establishment before, or who knows you personally. Firsthand accounts of the amenities, service, and quality are the best testimonials you can have, and the best advertisement as well.


Signs are also important for marketing your B&B. Many, if not most people plan out their holiday using GPS and Smartphone technology, and there are others who enjoy the adventure of traveling without detailed plans. Considering the misdirection from many GPS systems, having signs along the route can help keep visitors oriented toward your B&B. They won’t get lost as easily when they see signage that reminds them how far away your facilities are.

The visibility and advertisement from signs is also well worth the money. You can usually find out from the highway department how many people travel a certain highway every day, month, and year. This can help you target new demographics as they travel. When they start to plan their next holiday, your name will be familiar to them because they have seen it on their drive every day.



While many newspapers seem to be struggling for readers, keep in mind that there are many kinds of newspapers. For example, check with your community to see if there is a visitor’s welcome package. Make sure your B&B is represented. There are also newspapers and other publications that target certain demographics, such as senior citizens, mothers, and traveling professionals. Prepare copy for each of those audiences. Senior citizens may want to hear that your facilities have a private garden and picnic lunch available. Young parents may look for a play area for their children, and traveling professionals may just like the change of scenery they will find with a beautiful bed and breakfast.

While internet is still the ruler for marketing – you can bet that when travelers see your sign, they will look you up on the internet – local advertising can bring in plenty of business.

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