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Posted by on Aug 18, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

How Do You Market Your Timber Company?


Marketing a business has never been easier when you take advantage of today’s technology. No matter what your business is, from house cleaning services to selling wood cladding through your timber company, the many opportunities on internet can open up a whole new demographic of customers and vendors. Online marketing, along with the traditional methods of media, can make it easy to market your timber company, or any other business.

Social Media Connections


You may not be much interested in “tweeting” information and getting followers, but you may be surprised at how effective this can be in building up a customer base. It can also help to build brand recognition. The truth is, social media sites gie your business a chance to “go viral” with innovations, sales, and inventory. By posting on social media sites, you build a name for yourself and your business. Not only will ore people recognize your brand they will feel a familiarity with you as a person. That is the crux of social media; people want to feel like they have a connection with others. Even a blanket tweet that goes out to hundreds of people makes each person feel noticed. When you write the posts yourself, your personality shows through, and builds familiarity with potential customers. Simply posting pictures of your newest construction project, such as adding wood cladding to a storage shed, forms a connection with the public and gives them the idea that you are proud of your product and of your work.

Traditional Media

Traditional media is more than just a television commercial. You can check with local trade publications and get a lot of great visibility through those. Offer to write articles that explain certain features of your profession, or give directions for finishing a project. You can then add a call to action in which you tell the reader to contact your business for any further information. This can be a great way to build your reputation as an expert in your field. Readers will feel like they can trust your expertise because you have shared it in print.

Radio spots should not be overlooked. Many people listen to the radio as they commute, and have the radio playing in the background at work. Your radio spot can expand your customer base. You can target certain demographics with your choice of radio stations, such as news, talk radio, rock, hip-hop, country, and other stations. If you think one demographic could use your product more if they only knew about you, you can make a commercial about that feature and hire a spot on the radio.



You might be surprised at the amount of credibility you can gain by participating in online forums. In these forums, you can contribute answers people ask in your particular field. Your signature line can contain your website information, and people can follow the link to your website. When you reply and make posts, the internet browsers will notice your website is more active.


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