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Posted by on Feb 23, 2018 in Business, Internet Marketing, SEO | 0 comments

How Do You Market Very Niche Items?

Marketing is always about finding your audience. When you have a niche product, you have a niche audience right? So what you have to figure out, is where am I going to be able to successfully market my product to the correct audience? Well of course the internet is the number one place to find any niche audience, it’s a pretty common tool nowadays.



Search engine optimisation has become such a popular thing now that everybody realises online marketing is going the be the best way to get results. Everyone is trying to game the system, find out what google is looking for in a website, and how to crawl your way up the ladder and into the top 5 results of the first page (which are the only positions people even look at)



I have personally dealt with a company that predominantly worked in print finishing equipment, its a bit of a strange niche to be honest and mainly targeted towards businesses who would mass produce paper documents or have the need for industrial stationary. The first thing you need to do is research into your customer base, what is it they would need for their business and what would they be searching for in exact terms? You then need to use something like the google keyword planner to see how much volume each term has and seeĀ if there are some worthwhile alternatives. Keyword planner has an ‘ideas’ function which will bring up (hopefully) relevant keywords to what you are searching for, this is very handy to try and find phrases or keywords you have missed.


You then want to use the information you have gathered to access websites similar to your own, see what strategies other companies in the same niche are doing. Adwords is always a given, you know what keywords you want to target so that would be easy enough to utilise.



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