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Posted by on Jul 24, 2021 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Achieving Success Using Google Ads With A Small Budget

Traditional advertising is often seen as expensive, but with Pay Per Click advertising through Google you can reach your target audience without the huge upfront costs. We’ve rounded up 5 tips for you, the small business owner, that will help you reap the benefits of Google Ads.

Tip 1: Keep it free
Google gives small businesses a free option to advertise on their search engine. You can promote your website and receive traffic to your site for absolutely no cost. You might also want to use this opportunity as a way to help market your brand while acquiring new customers from Google’s targeted demographic.

Tip 2: Use multiple accounts
If you have more than one related website then you should consider having a separate account for each website. Using this method you can target specific keywords to your websites and also to your products. In addition, by using more than one account you can improve relevancy and therefore increasing your visibility; meaning the people who search for these terms are more likely to click on your ads. You can create multiple accounts by signing up to Google Adwords using a different email address.

Tip 3: Use negative keywords
By using negative keywords you can avoid wasting your budget on irrelevant searches which will have no bearing on the success of your campaign or the traffic that you believe you’re gaining. For instance, if you sell organic clothing then be sure to set a negative keyword for non-organic. This will help prevent you from paying for clicks that are not relevant to your campaign.

Tip 4: Use a call to action
Using a clear call to action can help your business generate new leads whilst increasing brand awareness, and this will also have the added benefit of improving conversion rates. Call to actions are an integral part of any Google Adwords campaign, follow the link below to enhance your own website.

Tip 5: Have a landing page ready
If you’re using Google Ads to drive traffic to your site then ensure that you have a landing page ready so that visitors are directed to an appropriate page on your site. Remember to make it as relevant as possible. You can also enhance the landing page by using Google Adwords conversion tracking which is free and allows you track traffic from Adwords and monitor the effectiveness of your campaign.

Aside from all of the work that you put into developing your marketing strategy it’s important to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. By knowing what you’re aiming to achieve as a business owner, you will not only be able to match your efforts with the results, but also have higher chances of reaching your target audience.

For example, if your goal is new customers then it’s important that you invest in social networks and also search engine optimization by using keywords relevant to your business.

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